It is the fourth largest island on the planet with an area of ​​587,000 km². It is located in the Indian Ocean, separated from Africa by the Mozambique Channel, crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn in its southern part. Its territory is vast and becomes the largest island of the Indian Ocean. Despite deforestation, it remains one of the most extraordinary places in the world in terms of biodiversity

Nicknamed the island continent, with tropical climate varieties and reliefs, ecosystems favor the development of a diversity and originality of fauna and flora unique in the world, of which more than 50% endemic. The sea, the treasures of the marine fauna, the very rich waters, the reefs and the primary forests niches of different species of lemurs, chameleons, reptiles, birds, invertebrates, and other plants including orchids, baobabs, euphorbias etc., support the reasons for his visit.

The Big Island is a privileged destination for unforgettable holidays and authentic adventures and travels.

Depending on the region, the climate is very humid on the east coast, and more temperate on the central highlands to become semi-arid in the southern savannas.

The languages Most spoken are Malagasy, French and recently English. live in Madagascar. The population of the red island includes 18 ethnic groups related to more or less old migrations, numbering about 20 million inhabitants, classified poor.

The The country's economy is essentially based on agriculture, natural resource exploitation and tourism.